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4-in-1 Frying & Grilling Breakfast Machine

4-in-1 Frying & Grilling Breakfast Machine

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  • Power (W): 1050W
  • Voltage (V): 220V
  • Heating method: Heating tube heating
  • power: 1050W
  • Product category: breakfast machine
  • Certificate Type: 3C certification
  • Timing gear: 4th to 5th gear
  • caliber: 25cm and below
  • tick label: Inner wall marking
  • rated voltage: 220
  • usage: semi-automatic
  • body material: aluminum alloy
  • Appointment function: Yes
  • Whether there is a dust cover: Yes
  • packing list: Machine manual
  • Appointment time: Less than 8 hours
  • Number of bread troughs: 2-3 slice
  • Applicable number of people: 2-3 people
  • Number of layers: Second floor
  • rated power: 900W
  • control mode: Touch based
  • Panel Type: Black microcrystalline panel
  • Display: Yes
  • Is there a baking rack available: Yes
  • operating mode: Touch based
  • weight: 5
  • Product size: 510*240*245mm
  • Rated frequency: 50
  • Intelligent type: Intelligent not supported
  • capacity: 8L


Multifunctional breakfast machine 4-in-1 frying grilling electric oven household electric rice cooker, toaster, sandwich machine

Multifunctional breakfast machine savors three meals a day
/Cooking, frying and baking can do many things/

Multifunctional cooking --- Boil, fry and roast
Bilateral partition touch control --- Microcomputer control on both sides
1L boiling pot --- Satisfy a family of three
Boiling pot 12H appointment --- Enjoy the food without waiting
Non-stick coated frying pan --- Frying does not stick to coke
Detachable design --- Reduce cleaning troubles
One machine can do many things
Boil | bake | fry | roast I stew
The hearty breakfast that everyone envies is probably like this
Chinese and western breakfast alliance
/A variety of combinations, don't worry about what to eat for breakfast/
English brunch
Eat together in a variety of ways, talking and laughing with sunshine
Chinese home-cooked meal
Porridge, flour, noodles and rice are all ready to enjoy family fun
Bilateral partition control LCD touch is convenient and clear
Regionalization control on both sides, and multiple preset functions are optional
Time is not delayed
Boiling, stewing and roasting are carried out simultaneously
Baking and stewing can be controlled independently and simultaneously
1L capacity square pot
You can cook 4-6 bowls of rice at a time to meet the appetite of a family
Fang Bao made an appointment for food for 12 hours without waiting
Make an appointment before going to work and enjoy dinner when you get home at night
Non-stick coated frying pan square large capacity
Frying is not sticky, fresh and fragrant and not easy to burn
Upper and lower double-tube heating in large-capacity oven
Baking on both sides at the same time, fast baking saves time and effort
1L detachable liner non-stick coating is not easy to paste
Easily cook a family's appetite, and the separated design is convenient to clean
Detachable design
Easy cleaning of all accessories
Smooth and non-stick, and the oil stain will be clean as soon as it is washed
Your kitchen aesthetics is exquisite, small and space-saving
Don't be afraid of space restrictions, no matter put it on the desktop cabinet
Details show quality
Strict everywhere, let Bao Ma rest assured
01  high-capacity ---  Non-stick coated frying pan
02 Transparent visualization --- Tempered glass mirror
03 Square pot top cover --- Steam hole
04 Shaped heating --- Heating plate