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AP02 Roller Brush Car Vacuum Cleaner

AP02 Roller Brush Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Color - AP02 Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Item Height: 44.2
  • Item Type: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Item Weight: 1813
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Certification: FCC
  • Certification: CE
  • External Testing Certification: ce
  • Item Length: 20.8
  • Special Features: with Roller Brush & LED Light
  • Item Width: 13.5
  • Model Name: Baseus AP02 Roller Brush Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Name: Baseus AP02 Handy Vacuum Cleaner (60000AW)
  • Color: Cosmic Black
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Rated Power: 160W (Max)
  • Power Capacity: 10000mAh/37Wh
  • Charging Time: 5.5h
  • Noise: <72dB
  • Charging Port: USB C
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 1000mL



AP02 Car Home Vacuum Cleaner


1. 160W High Power roller brush pick up debris easily & continuesly.

2. Specially designed electric rubber roller brush clean adhesive hair efficiently and does not tangle hair. Specific uses: pet hair, carpet, bedclothes, car upholstery, trunk.

3. Multiple brush head accessories (Crevice nozzle/Bristle nozzle, suitable for various scenarios)

4. LED light,No dare dark places.(With independent switch, can be used as emergency light)

5. 1000ml large capacity. A good choice of household handheld vacuum cleaner. More portable & Lighter.


Kindly Remind: Please use with the suction nozzle for best cleaning effect.


160W High Power Roller Brush pick up debris easily & continuesly.

If the suction continues to weaken, the cleaning effect may be affected. Inadequate cleaning will leave fine dust and allergens, which will affect the clean home environment.

Baseus AP02 Car Home Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with powerful roller brush, which has continues strong suction, ensuring long-lasting and excellent vacuuming performance and avoiding inefficient cleaning.



Electric rubber roller brush can tackle pet hair, pet dander, and pet messes with ease , no matter where is the pet mess, even on your carpet, bedclothes, or your car upholstery.


Baseus AP02 vacuum cleaner with rubber roller brush can effectively clean garbage or hair without getting tangled.


The rubber roller brush does not tangle hair while bristle brush does.


1000mL Large Capacity, suitable for Cleaning both Car & Home

A good choice of household handheld vacuum cleaner. More portable & Lighter.



Multiple accessories for multiple scenarios

Crevice Suction Nozzle

For cleaning car seat seam, floor mat, sofa seam



Bristle Suction Nozzle

For cleaning keyboard, machine, window rails, car seat, car air vent




Easily reach all corners and can be used with crevice suction nozzle and bristle suction nozzle!


LED light, No dare dark places

With independent switch, can be used as emergency light.


25min Long Battery Life

10000mAh large-capacity battery offers a maximum 25min of continuous use with one full charge.


Denser HEPA filter and Spill & Leak Proof Design avoid secondary pollution

Dust leak or not seal may cause sneezing, runny nose, allergies and other problems.


The folding density-enhanced filter significantly improves the dust holding rate, helps absorb and lock 99.99% of invisible particles as small as 0.3 microns. Avoid secondary pollution.


Filter Washable & Reusable!


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Easy to detach & clean



Above Industry Standard for Premium Quality

Baseus vacuum cleaners have passed KC, CE, FCC, ROHS certifications.



Smart Chip 9- Safety Protection


75° high temperature resistance

Overcurrent protection
Short-circuit protection
Overvoltage protection
Undervoltage protection
Over-temperature protection
Overpower protection
Overdischarge protection

Overcharge protection