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Automatic Dry & Wet Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Automatic Dry & Wet Cleaning Robot Vacuum

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  • Certification: CE
  • Choice: yes

2024 New Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Sweeping Dry Wet Cleaning Machine Charging Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner for Home

Product advantages:

NO.622A New Upgraded Sweeper

1. Intelligent sweeping robot, multifunctional combination of sweeping, mopping, and ash suction

2. Strong suction, low decibel silence, deep cleaning plan, 60 minute long battery life, universal floor tiles, 6cm light and thin

3. Clean common garbage such as beans, melon shells, biscuit crumbs, particles, hair, dust, etc

4. Long cleaning time, easy to handle small and light units, built-in high capacity battery, providing stable power for a long time, 80 square meters of cleaning surface base

5. Upgrade the new motor with stronger suction, sufficient power, fast turning speed, and quieter



After receiving the product, please remove the white small card, charge it for 5 hours, then remove the cover of the bottom middle wheel, and it can work normally!