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Backflow Incense Holder Waterfall Home Decor

Backflow Incense Holder Waterfall Home Decor

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Use: Smell Removing/Dehumidification

Material: Polyresin

Production: Candle Aromatherapy Furnace

Type: Aroma Burner

Classification: Incense Base

Cosmetic Feature: None

Application Area: Living Room

Choice: yes


Incense Burner Mountains River Waterfall Fragrance Fireplace Backflow Aroma Smoke Zen Censer Holder Decoration for Home

Product Properties

Material: Resin

Process: semi-manual and semi-mechanical

Style: Modern and simple

Attention: The best effect of backflow fragrance is achieved by strict environmental requirements: ① there should not be a little wind indoors; ② the indoor temperature should not be too high, as overheated air will carry smoke upward. It is recommended to have a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius

How to clean: Tar residue on the incense burner is a normal phenomenon. You can use hot alkaline water (soda ash) or hot baking soda to soak for a few minutes.