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Bad Breath Remover Spray for Pets

Bad Breath Remover Spray for Pets

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Bullet Points:

  • Long-lasting Effect: Due to the special composition of dental care products, the Dog Breath Spray can safely reduce and eliminate bad breath in dogs for a long time.

  • Oral Cleaning: Perfect for cleaning and maintaining your dog's teeth without the use of a dog toothbrush, mouthwash, or dog toothpaste, the Dog Breath Freshener effectively improves overall oral hygiene.

  • High-quality Material: Enriched with natural herbal extracts, the Dog Dental Spray prevents bad breath and effectively promotes healthy gums and clean teeth.

  • Wide Applications: Due to the unique care formula of the Dog Mouth Spray, it is suitable for dogs and cats. At the same time, it is small and portable and can be used at any time.


  • Dog Breath Spray makes it easy for you to take care of your pet's oral health without brushing.

  • No brushing is required. No side effects. Simply spray on your pet's teeth.

  • This easy-to-use pet spray is the perfect preventative dental care solution for pets who hate having their teeth brushed while still keeping their teeth and gums healthy.


  • Ingredients: Water, Chamomile Extract, Peppermint Extract, Propolis, Tea Extract, LicoriceExtract

  • Size: 11.5*3.3cm/4.53*1.30in

  • Capacity: 50m