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Breathable X-Type Newborn Baby Carrier

Breathable X-Type Newborn Baby Carrier

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1. Ergonomic design, the stress points are evenly distributed on the parents' abdomen, waist and shoulders, and the three points are balanced to prevent spinal injuries caused by long backs
2. The sandwich mesh fabric maximizes the air permeability to create an air circulation effect, quickly exhaust the heat, and maintain a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby
3. The adjustable design of the strap meets the needs of baby's growth
4. "Crescent type" embrace science to protect the baby's vertebrae

1. The mesh sandwich fabric, which is known as breathing, is more breathable, and through air circulation, the surface remains comfortable and dry
2. Super breathable and moisture-repellent effect, no ball, not easy to wrinkle, non-fading, stretchable and strong resilience
3. It is firm and able to withstand high-strength tension and tearing, and it is smooth and comfortable
4. Adjustable iron ring lock buckle, effectively prevent the strap from falling off, simple operation, safe and secure
5.Imported sewing machine is adopted, the stitching is tighter, the splicing is natural and smooth, it will not touch the skin, and it fits the back without feeling, and the mother can use it with peace of mind

Product Information:
Product category: strap/back bag
Strap style: double shoulders
Strap function: multi-function
Maximum load: 20kg
Applicable age: 0-3 years old

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