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Desktop Led Light Vanity Mirror

Desktop Led Light Vanity Mirror

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style - A
power - USB
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Product information:

  • Function: led makeup mirror
  • Applicable objects: girls
  • Color: 
  1. Elegant White
  2. Sweet Powder
  3. China Red Limited Edition
  4. Elegant White+5x Lens
  5. Sweet Pink+5x Lens
  6. China Red Limited Edition+5x Lens


  1. The color rendering index of the makeup mirror is as high as 95, with almost no light loss
  2. Multi-level dimming can meet different light needs.
  3. Make up, fill light, take photos, all in one
  4. Anti-dumping design
  5. Compact base
  6. USB charging port
  7. Custom lighting logo
  8. Moving mirror
  9. Operation instruction label
  10. Moving mirror


  • Bulb size: 76 * 280mm
  • Illumination: 900lux
  • Adjustment mode: electronic key unlimited dimming
  • Color temperature: 5000K
  • Power supply type: USB cable
  • Lamp bead type: LED
  • Power: 4.5W product
  • Style: white pink
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAH strobe
  • No video flash