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Fake Cherry Tree Rattan for Wedding Décor

Fake Cherry Tree Rattan for Wedding Décor

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Material: Silk

Occasion: WEDDING

Model Number: 23

Flower Style: Flower Branch

Classification: Artificial Flowers

Type: Cherry

is customized: No

Style: Flower



Product description

Material: silk flower + plastic branch + natural rattan

Package: 1x1 sets of cherry vines

Highly respected

Application scenarios: office, leisure, bedroom, living room, tea table, windowsill, balcony, etc.

Applicable holidays: wedding, party, Monday, Christmas, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving, new year, birthday gift, etc.

Please note: all of our products are custom handmade, so we can't make every product have the same size. Therefore, our measurement is for reference only. We don't accept returns due to size.

Other instructions: since each branch is too long, we bend it for packaging. After receiving the product, please straighten it! Will not affect the appearance! Maybe there are some flowers to send,

Just insert the branch. This is it! Please read and think carefully before shopping.

Installation steps:
1. First, nail the nail on the wall

2. Wind the wire around the nail

3. Then fix the vine on the wall and tie it with wire

4. If the vines are not long enough, they can be spliced together, and the vines can be spliced together by binding, and more vines can be installed

5. Cherry branches can be fixed with neckties. Continue to install more Cherry branches

Note: vines are natural. It will lose some moisture after transportation. If the rattan is too tight during installation, the rattan will be damaged. It can be soaked in it, watered about 2-3 hours, and then when the vines are slightly soft