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Kitchen Non-stick Cookware Pan

Kitchen Non-stick Cookware Pan

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Color - a shovel
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  • Type: Woks
  • Choice: yes


Iron pot forged by ancient Chinese method, it is used in various gas stoves and electric stoves, it is a pan
No coating, physical non-stick pan, of course, this requires your daily good maintenance to make it have a better experience
There are 3 sizes of iron pan, please choose according to your personal needs
Their weight is
30CM is about 1.3kg
32CM is about 1.4kg
34CM is about 1.5kg
Thickness is about 1.5-2 mm
Manual measurement, there will be errors, please understand
We also have hand-made shovels, they are beautiful and require you to purchase them at an additional cost

Please note: The new iron pan itself is the primary metal color of the photo. When you need to use high temperature grease for the first time, the Chinese word is: open the pot
New wok. A heat treatment is required before use, otherwise it will rust.
The processed iron pan is dark blue and is not prone to rust. We will complete it for you before sending the package for free, because this is a manual operation, so the color of the pot will be deviation,Or partial rust, but it will not affect the performance of the iron pan, you only need to clean it thoroughly and maintain it properly. please understand please understandd