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Large Capacity Food Vacuum Sealed Storage Box

Large Capacity Food Vacuum Sealed Storage Box

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Color - 1.2L with Hand Pump
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Style: Classic Style

Material: Plastic


About this item
��【Vacuum Preservation】: This kitchen storage box set adopts the sealing technology, which can pump out the air and form a vacuum state, effectively preventing the food from getting damp, spoiled, oxidized and deteriorated, extending the shelf life of the food and maintaining the original flavor of the food.

⏱️【Time Compass】: This kitchen storage box set has a time compass on the lid, which allows you to easily record and check the storage date of the food, avoiding forgetting or confusing the freshness of the food, more convenient and safe.

��【Food-grade Material】: This kitchen storage box set is made of food-grade material, which is free of harmful substances and can safely touch food. It can withstand high temperatures and can be heated in the microwave. Its box body is transparent, allowing you to see the food inside at a glance.

��️ 【Drain Net】: This kitchen storage box set comes with a drain net for each storage box, which can separate the excess water and keep the food dry and clean. Whether it is dry goods, fresh goods, snacks, seasonings, or fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, they can be easily stored in these storage boxes.

��【Multiple Sizes Available】: This kitchen storage box set has various sizes and capacities to choose from, which can meet your different storage needs. They are designed ingeniously, easy to stack and carry. They can adapt to different spaces and occasions, whether it is in the fridge, cabinet, sink and other places, they can make full use of the space.