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Personalized Kitchen Attire with Pockets for kitchen

Personalized Kitchen Attire with Pockets for kitchen

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Color - Red
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Material: Canvas

Type: BIB

Classification: Sleeveless Apron

Style: Brief

Use: Baking Mats

Name:: customized apron

Application:: waterproof and antifouling

Material:: tooling

size:: one size

Gram customization:: contact the seller to customize


1: The product supports English custom design logo OEM printing company restaurant pattern, you need to consult the seller for customization.

2. The price is the apron price. The custom fee needs to purchase the LOGO custom link, please contact the seller to check the price.

3: When you order a product that needs to be customized, be sure to contact the seller for consultation. Do not note that the font will not be shipped. If you need to contact the seller to confirm the renderings but do not leave a message, we will contact you. If there is no reply after three days, we will send a solid color apron, hope you can understand. Ships according to the color you purchased.

4: Suitable for various occasions, hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, car washes, rural areas. Pet shop, salon, beauty manicure

5: Function: This product is a customized product, no quality problem, no return or exchange.

6: Buyer font pattern. Provides original design pattern files. There are no design pictures for this store. You need to provide it yourself. The picture is not clear and cannot be customized. Send the picture copy design to ai or PS PDF file and send it to the mailbox: Please note the order code. After sending, be sure to contact the seller, no contact will not be customized Thank you