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Portable Rechargeable Cat Water Fountain for Pets

Portable Rechargeable Cat Water Fountain for Pets

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Color - Basic Kit 1
Volume - 3L
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Wireless Sense Cat Water Fountain Automatic Dog Drink Bowl Portable Rechargeable Dispenser for Cats Feeder Pet Drinking Fountain
Filter Replacement Time:
1.The Charcoal Filter it is better to be exchanged every month to achieve good filtering effect.
2.In intelligent sensor mode, Charcoal Filter better to be exchanged every 2 months.
3.It is better to reserve an Extra 2-3 PCs Charcoal Filter for your pets!
Friendly Tips:
Please clean the pump regularly to extend life.
About Motion Sensor:
1. Automatically turn on the running water when the pet approaches, leave the sensing range 2-3 meters away, filter for 60 seconds, and then automatically stand by.
2. Advantages: silent, energy saving, prolong the service life of the filter element and the water pump, and can better attract pets to drink more water.
3. Induction range: use range of about 0.2-3 meters.
4.Install: suction cup or paste.


 With Water Dispenser: Yes

Power Source: CHARGE

Min Output: 50g

Max Output: 200g

Time Setting: No

Material: Stainless Steel

Plug Type: EU

LCD Display: No

Type: cats

Is Smart Device: no

Feature 1: Drinker for cats

Feature 2: Cat fountain filter

Feature 3: Cat drinking bowl

Feature 4: Cat water fountain

Feature 5: Water fountain cat

Feature 6: Cat drinking fountain

Feature 7: Automatic cat drinker

Feature 8: Automatic drinking bowl

Feature 9: Water fountain for cat with wireless sensor