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Silk Ribbon Pearl Dog Collar with Pendant

Silk Ribbon Pearl Dog Collar with Pendant

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Color - Red
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Featuring floral lace patchwork with a bow and fake pearl trim, this pet bib is elegant and exquisitely crafted. It ties on with ribbon and can be adjusted to the right size for easy wear.
A pet bib can be used to dress up your pet for daily life, holiday parties, dates, photo shoots, birthday events and more. It can be worn with clothes, dresses, necklaces and other accessories together and also shows your taste.
It is constructed of cotton material.

Pet bib is suitable for dogs, cats and other pets.

XS is suitable for LACES within 4 kg 15cm on both sides 15cm

S for LACES within 7 kg 20cm on both sides 15cm

M for LACES within 13 kg 25cm on both sides 15cm

L for LACES within 25 kg 30cm on both sides 15cm