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Stainless Steel 6-in-1 Vegetable Slicer & Chopper

Stainless Steel 6-in-1 Vegetable Slicer & Chopper

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Color - Light Green 3 Blades
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Fruit & vegetable tools: 6 in 1 multifunctional

Vegetable cutter panel: Food grade

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Shredders & Slicers

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Certification: CE / EU

Certification: CIQ

1. The surface of our vegetable and fruit slicer is made of food-grade stainless steel, non-toxic and odorless, and the back is made of ABS material, which is waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-falling, and can be used for a long time. The back of the product can store 3 blades, portable storage.

2. Contains 6 different blades, simple and convenient installation, easy to clean. It can be changed according to your needs, making it easy for you to become a master chef.

3. The unique hand guard can protect your hands well, and can also avoid wasting ingredients, even small ingredients can be sliced.


Tips: This product strictly controls the quality requirements, the blade has been repeatedly tested, sharp and durable. Take care to avoid scratches when replacing or cleaning blades. Use hand guards when cutting smaller ingredients to avoid scratches.


HI Please click on the video below to see how to change the blade


Our this product has passed many certifications.

A protective film is attached to the surface of the food-grade stainless steel panel, please remove the protective film before use.

Multifunctional vegetable fruit slicer shredder
Material: stainless steel + ABS

Putting food into hand guards can effectively prevent hand injuries. Safe and worry-free, all kinds of vegetables and fruits can be cut casually.

How to use hand guards

1.Attach the hand guard to the vegetable slicer.
2.Put the ingredients in the hand guard.
3. Then cover with elastic cover and use.

1. Shredded: Shredded lettuce, shredded cucumber, shredded carrot, etc.

2. Cut thin slices: Cucumber slices, garlic slices, ginger slices, lotus root slices, etc.

3. Cut thick slices: Yam tablets, potato chips, eggplant chips, etc.

4. Flower-shaped flakes: Rotate the food 90° to cut out the flower-shaped flakes.

5. Crush garlic: Mashed garlic, mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, etc.

The blade can be removed and replaced for easy cleaning. Feel free to change the blade as needed.

Hanging storage saves space and drains water quickly.